Toddlers Spot


We meet each Friday morning in term time from 9:30am until 10.45am. Please feel free to arrive whenever you can make it (we know with Toddlers it is not always easy to get organised in the morning!). We have no waiting list so you are welcome to attend whenever you can – just turn up. You don’t have to come every week just when you are able.


We make a small charge of 75p (one adult and one toddler) £1(total) for any more of you. Your first week is free. (We put the money towards buying refreshments, craft materials and new toys).
If anyone has a problem with being able to pay, you are still welcome to come, free of charge – please do not let this put you off! Just have a quiet word when you arrive or email us first. We are just pleased to have you join us.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at all preschool children and their carers (including parents, grandparents and childminders)! Our youngest attendee, was just a week old. We are a very mixed group of people, of varying ages, cultures and languages. Everyone is welcome!

What we do?

Play / Chat

We have a large variety of toys including small world (such as trains, cars, dolls and animals), puzzles, ride-ons, dressing up and books as well as baby toys. The children are able to play with whatever they choose – meanwhile, the grown ups have an opportunity to sit and chat.
Singing and Stories

At an appropriate time during the morning we encourage the children to stop and sit down on the mat (grown-ups can sit on chairs if they wish!). We then sing a variety of children’s songs and rhymes. Each week we have a Bible story, which usually, follows a different theme each term.


There is always an opportunity to join in a craft (normally, relating to the Bible story). In the past these have included –colouring, gluing, icing cakes, making sandwiches, handprint tea towels and seed planting.


Midway through the morning we break from the activities for refreshments. For the children this is a drink of squash and a biscuit. For the carers, there are cakes or biscuits and a variety of hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate and fruit teas).


Many long and lasting friendships have been made through the years which have continued long after the children have grown up past Toddlers! It is an ideal place to meet other mums (or dads, grandparents, childminders etc) with young children.

Other activities

On occasions we have been able to do other activities which have included Easter egg hunts, trips to local parks, farms and soft play.
Also, we have arranged activities specifically for the adults, at various times during the year – including Christmas meals and putting together teams for quiz nights organised by the Church.


We meet each week in the church building (please ring the doorbell when you arrive). There is usually plenty of parking available in the church car park. We also have ample space inside where you are able to “park” pushchairs. Nappy changing facilities as well as child toilet seats and potties are available for your use. There are also Baby bouncy chairs should you wish to use them.

If you have any questions or would like further information – please e-mail or see our Facebook page (Toddler Spot)

We look forward to you joining us.