Dinosaur Roadshow

2.15-3pm – come and meet the Dinosaurs
3-4pm – illustrated talk with question time
  • Meet Valentino our full sized Velociraptor!
  • See Egbert, our Triceratops baby hatchling
  • Youngsters can sit astride Alexis, our Allosaurus!
  • Children 12 and under receive an educational free gift
Today, DINOSAURS are often spoken of as monsters from ’prehistory’. But the Bible doesn’t speak of long periods of time on earth before mankind, so there never was a pre-history!
Even so, everyone is familiar with the idea of ‘prehistoric monsters’ roaming the earth in the so-called Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. So DINOSAURS now provide us with a wonderful opportunity to teach the true history of the world to young and old, and that’s why we call them ‘Prehistoric Preachers’!
Save the date now for this fascinating and fun event.
Free Entry – Free Parking
Presented by Dominic Statham – speaker with CMI UK / Europe
includes refreshments and bookstall