Mid-week Meetings

Our mid-week meetings consist of prayer meetings held at the church, small group meetings around houses and men’s/women’s ministry groups, which repeat every month.

Week 1   Central prayer meeting at Church – Tue 8:00 PM
Week 2   Small groups around houses – Tue 10:00 AM, Tue 8:00 PM, Thu 8:00 PM
Week 3   Men’s Bible Study – Tue 8:00 PM, and Women in the Word – Thu 9:30 AM
Week 4   Small groups around houses – as previous
Also, every week at Church – Tue 10:00 AM with crèche

We meet for a time of Bible Study and prayer. Fellowship is a core part of the Church’s pastoral care strategy. We encourage you to attend a mid week study as a great means of learning and of fellowship. Please check the calendar for details.

NB: Occasionally these meetings may be replaced, please check with the church calendar.